Tuesday, December 12, 2017

This is the Madonna and Child I painted for Noel, 2017

I like to paint Jesus as a happy baby and here he is smiling and playing with his toe, something babies love to do.      He is such a joy to all of us.     Merry Christmas everyone.     

Our Lady of Sorrows

In April, 2017, I entered an art show with three paintings, a child holding a cat, a bird and this painting of Our Lady of Sorrows, thinking that it would never win anything because sacred art is not very popular in the shows.     But it was Lent, and Easter was approaching, and I wanted to have the Sorrowful Mother in the show, hoping that at least one person would look at it and be touched spiritually.      I remember looking at the painting, while I was preparing the paperwork for the entry and saying to her, “If you win anything, it will be a miracle.”     Well . . .the miracle happened . . .  SHE WON THE BLUE RIBBON!  I was flabbergasted!!!!      This award was God’s gift.