Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Lady of LaSalette

The apparition of Our Lady of LaSalette occurred on September 19, 1846, in a small village in the French Alps. Two children, who were tending cows, saw an incredibly beautiful woman, surrounded by light, sitting in a chair and weeping. She stood up and spoke to them, "I have come to tell you the good news." (The good news was that God exists and that he loves them.) A message followed and she warned them of a coming famine and how people had fallen away from the faith. She asked that people pray and return to her son.

This apparition received full church approval.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Infant Jesus of Prague

When I purchased this Infant Jesus of Prague statue at a church rummage sale for $2, it was badly in need of restoration. The hand and the back of the head were broken and the paint was faded and chipped. I picked it up and thought about the millions of prayers that were said before statues like this one in years gone by and I thought about the miracles that had been attributed to this infant. This one was once someone's treasure and I wanted to restore it to its glory and then give it away to someone in need. I had restored six or seven Infant Jesus of Prague statues in the past and had given them to people who all seemed to receive wonderful graces once they entered their homes. It was the child Jesus who said "The more you honor me, the more will I bless you."